Danish Teak Furniture

The objects we used today were designed at first to perform a task or a function. For example the first car was invented to make transportation easier. The first purse was invented to carry objects easily.

However, as time passed and societies grew more complex, classes and status appeared. And objects began to be symbols of status. In the same examples used, a BMW and a Fiat will do the same job, but a BMW shows a certain level of class and income from the part of the owner. Also, a Wall-Mart purse and a Louis Vuitton purse can do the same job, but an owner of a Louis Vuitton purse will make sure that itís original and display it proudly on public.

When it comes to furniture, the same thing applies. There are cheap plastic chairs and tables, and then there is Danish teak furniture.

Danish modern teak furniture, or just Danish teak furniture, is making a comeback. Both the style and the material of Danish teak furniture speak of class, tradition, fashion, and style. Of course, it is not something that anyone can afford, but then again neither are BMWs or Louis Vuitton purses. If youíre looking for the cheapest furniture available, then Danish teak furniture is not for you.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those people who only want the best for your house and surroundings, and have the income to support this, then Danish teak furniture is the best option you can get.

Danish teak furniture is a vintage style of furniture, belonging to the minimalist movement. It began in the 40s, in Denmark, from where it took its name, right after the end of World War II. It grew in popularity in the 50s and 60s, due to its modern (at the time) look and style. After the 70s, Danish teak furniture started to fall out of favor after new materials, like plastic, started to substitute it.

Today, Danish teak furniture is coming back as a result of its success in passing the test of time, which plastic furniture didnít. This comes basically from the great natural resistance of teak wood. Danish teak furniture gets its amazing resistance from it. Itís perfect for outdoor use, since it can stand wind and rain. And it has a natural protection against bugs. These qualities, as well as the rarity of teak wood, make Danish teak furniture a symbol of status.

In conclusion, if you want your furniture to speak about your class and style, as well as the high quality that you require, get Danish teak furniture for your interiors and exteriors. Itís guaranteed to impress your guests.